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It can be found in the End(Lava Ocean).

In this there are 3 rooms:

  • Garr
  • Baron Geddon
  • Majordomo Executus

You can meet new spawner.

Upon entering, you get the key to Garr. After Garr killing him lunge chest with a key to the next boss. And just as with the Baron Geddon.


  • Lava Elemental
  • Obsidian Elemental
  • Fire Elemental Son
  • Molten Giant
  • Flamewaker
  • Flamewaker Acolyte
  • Garr
  • Baron Geddon
  • Majordomo Executus
  • Ragnaros The Firelord


  • Iron Ingot
  • Gold Ingot
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Obsidian
  • Block of Gold
  • Nether Wart
  • Blaze Rod
  • Arrow
  • Gunpowder
  • Surprise Magic Block
  • Fire Shard
  • Dirt Shard
  • Fire Ingot
  • Dark Gold
  • Nether Dust
  • Pile of Coins
  • Fire Arrow
  • Fire Crossbow
  • Fire Gun
  • Fire Bow
  • Fire Ball Card
  • Infernal Sword
  • Fire Hammer
  • Fire Scythe
  • Trident Majordomo
  • Fire Chestplate


This dungeon is not advisable to go alone, but if you went alone, you will find a hard game.

Be sure to take a potion of fire resistance or death knight's helmet. Take the key out of the Magic block to open the door. Take a powerful weapon in the fight!

Spawner broken only AXE. It is necessary to be careful with the explosions, they can destroy the chests Bosses.In the room with the Majordomo Executus, is advised to destroy everything around spawner, and only then to kill him. During the battle with Ragnaros layer is to protect the colony from its explosion.